We are pleased to invite you to 2019 Lisbon Art & Antiques Fair, from 5th to 14 th April 2019 at Cordoaria Nacional in Lisbon.

Since its origins in the 1990s the Associação Portuguesa dos Antiquários - APA Fair has grown to become the main Portuguese Art and Antiques fair, being today a prestigious event in the National calendar.

Due to the major work developed by the various management teams, working with, the associates, various organizations that offer support and sponsorship, the National Museums with whom we have developed partnerships and with the invaluable contribution of the vetting teams, APA Fair has become a guarantee of quality for Art and Antiques.

With the purpose of continuing the work developed up until now, whilst simultaneously innovating, we have opened the fair not only to overseas dealers but also to other specialties. We have thus become an Arts Fair that increasingly draws the attention of the international gallery and collectors markets. We have this year decided to update the fair's name to Lisbon Art & Antiques Fair – LAAF, assuming our importance in the international stage. The location of the Fair couldn’t be better, in a venue with a centuries long history, Cordoaria Nacional, which has already become synonymous of our fairs, where we welcome collectors and general visitors alike, certain that they will all let themselves be charmed by the eclectic mix and quality of the pieces exhibited, of varied typologies and origins from the 16th to the 21st centuries.

Enjoy the fair and the talks program.

The APA board