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Quality, Authenticity and Trust


Founded in 1990, the Portuguese Antiquarian Association (APA) is a non-profit association whose main objective is to guarantee the quality, authenticity and trust in the art and antiques business, helping to make it a safe and attractive investment.


About us

True to the motto “Quality, Authenticity and Trust”, APA is undoubtedly an important engine to make Portugal, both internally and internationally, an inviting center for buyers, scholars and visitors.


APA has been consolidating and increasing its intervention capacity, becoming a preferred partner of the most diverse institutions related to the art and antiques market, using a prestige based on the quality of its members.

APA is part of CINOA , founded in 1935 and a global leader in the international representation of the art trade and antiques.


Social Organs for the Biennium 2022-2024

General Assembly Board

Manuel Castilho
1º Secretary
Luís Alegria
2º Secretary
Euclides de Barros

Fiscal Council

Miguel Arruda
Susana Begonha
João Ramada


Isabel Lopes da Silva
Francisco Pereira Coutinho
Ricardo Hogan
Tomás Branquinho da Fonseca
Sebastião Jorge Neves
Legislation & Support

APA promotes dialogue and collaboration of its members in understanding the laws that inform the commercial activity in which we operate. Following is a set of links to the text of the major laws whose knowledge we deem indispensable.

Contact us for more information, clarification and support.


RJOC regulates all trade in precious metal (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) and gemological (diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, etc.), even if they are in small quantities (such as applications in silver on wood or others) in the subject matter.

It should be noted that Decree Law 44/2016 of 17 August establishes the optional nature of the rules applicable to the test and marking provided for in Law 98/2015 of 18 August, which approves the the legal framework for gold and jewelery, as regards jewelery articles of special interest, as well as precious metal articles used since they are over 50 years old.




It establishes measures to combat money laundering and terrorist financing, partially transposing European Parliament and Council Directives 2015/849/EU of 20th May 2015.



It establishes the regime for the exercise of private security activity and the security measures to be adopted by public or private entities in order to prevent the commission of crimes.



The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 is a regulation of European law on privacy and protection of personal data, applicable to all individuals in the European Union and the European Economic Area.


Ler mais sobre o RGPD

It requires the use of specific means of payment in transactions involving amounts equal to or above EUR 3 000, amending the General Tax Law and the General Regime of Tax Offenses. The limit is (euro) 10,000, or its foreign currency equivalent, where payment is made by natural persons not resident in Portuguese territory and provided that they do not act as entrepreneurs or traders.



Regulates trade and possession of endangered species of wild fauna and flora.



The mere prior communication of each exhibitor to ASAE (for all exhibitors) and INCM (only for exhibitors who are covered by RJOC) is required at trade fairs.


Membership Policies

To be a member of the APA, the candidate must have an irrepressible career and be recognized by his peers, already members of APA, as an expert in his specific area of trade. The nomination, proposed by 2 members, will still be subject to scrutiny and a final vote by the remaining members.

In this way we hope to ensure that members maintain the quality and suitability that have enabled us to build trusting relationships with the public.


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