LAAF 2019
LAAF - Lisbon Art and Antiques Fair 2019

24-27 April 2019

Cordoaria Nacional, Lisboa

Since its inception in the 1990s, the APA's fair of fairing has grown to become the premier stage for arts and antiques in Portugal and is today a prestigious event on the national calendar.

It was due to the important work done by successive directorates, working with the associates, with the institutions that support and sponsor us, with national museums, with which we were establishing partnerships, and with the invaluable contribution of the expert teams, that the Portuguese association of antique dealers has become a guarantee of the quality of the arts and antiques.

It was in a perspective of continuing the work done so far, but also of innovating, that we opened the fair not only to antique dealers from other parts of the world but also to other areas. In this way, we have become an international art and antiques fair, increasingly attracting international interest from both interested galleries and collectors.

This year we decided to update the fair's name to Lisbon Art & Antiques Fair, assuming our importance on the international scene and hoping to contribute to a more real image of what the fair of the treaty has become, in fact, a diverse and open event. The place could not be better, in a building with a long history, which is already synonymous with our fairs, where we welcome collectors and the curious public, with the certainty that they will be enchanted by the eclecticism and quality of the exhibited objects, with typologies and varied origins from the 19th century to the 21st.

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Curated Talks

One of our goals is to promote contact and knowledge, promoting conversations between specialists that we are happy to provide. These conversations were held and recorded live at the Lisbon Arts and Antiques Fair (LAAF) 2019, between 08 April and 12 April.



Development of Museum Collections: what future policies?

08 April 2019
Moderator: Joana Sousa Monteiro | Director of the Lisbon Museum
António Filipe Pimentel | Director of the National Museum of Ancient Art
Penelope Curtis | Director of Gulbenkian Museum
Francisco Clode | Director of Museum Services and Cultural Heritage of Madeira
Bárbara Coutinho | Director of MUDE
Bernardo Pinto de Almeida | Art Critic




Portugal and the World: Collect global!

09 April 2019
Moderator: Anísio Franco | Conservator of the National Museum of Ancient Art
Maura Marvão | Representative in Portugal and Spain of Philips auction house
Igor Olho Azul | Responsible for Veritas auction house
Guta Moura Guedes | Curator and President of ExperimentaDesign
Bárbara Coutinho | Diretor of MUDE
Armando Cabral | Collector




The psychological factors of collecting

10 April 2019
Moderator: Marina Bairrão Ruivo | Director of the Vieira da Silva Foundation
Vasco Santos | Psychologist
Carlos Monjardino | Collector
António Cachola | Collector
João Carvalho Dias | Curator of Gulbenkian Museum




The life of objects: the daily life and the pleasure of accumulating

11 April de 2019
Moderator: Adelaide Duarte | Postgraduate Coordinator "Art and Collecting Market" at Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Julião Sarmento | Plastic Artist / Collector
Alberto Caetano | Architect / Collector
Joana Aranha | Interior Architect
Luís Campos e Cunha | Collector




The Errant of Collecting in Portugal

12 April 2019
Moderator: Adelaide Duarte | Postgraduate Coordinator "Art and Collecting Market" at Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Anísio Franco | Conservator of the National Museum of Ancient Art
João Silvério | Contemporary Art Curator
José Vitorino | Collector
Raquel Henriques da Silva | Art Historian


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