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Pedro Jaime Vasconcelos

Pedro Jaime Vasconcelos

He started in 1980, with Fernando Moncada collecting African art in Lisbon, created with friends the Bica dos Olhos Gallery - Ethnographic Articles, traveled through Zaire (today DRC) and when he returned, organized in Lisbon with Nair Marques da Silva in 1990, the first thematic auction of African Art. He collaborated with Maria Nobre Franco at Galeria Valentim de Carvalho and with Moira Forjaz at Galeria Moira. He was Margot Dias' assistant in identifying Maconde parts. He traveled in India and Indonesia. He wrote three books, organized several exhibitions, highlightin “1613 - Armas e Artefactos de Timor” at the Centro Cultural de Belém (2006). He began to collaborate with the Manufacture of Tapestries of Portalegre (MTP) in 2017, having been curator of the exhibitions "Correspondências - Cruzeiro Seixas” 2019, "Tribute to Eduardo Nery", 2020 and "Lurçat-Mategót-Lacerda" in 2022. Co-founder of WineArt project and Galeria do Pé de Ferro, specialized in tapestries of Portalegre. Promoter of collection of silk scarfs “PJV-MTP”, currently launches new collection of silk with the brand “PJV-ART”. Editor of the last sculpture of Cruzeiro Seixas, "A Balança" and, currently editing the bronze sculpture "Japan I" of José de Guimarães.

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Tribal Art, Sculpture, Painting, Textiles, Contemporary Art

Rua Dr. Miguel Bombarda, 155 - 2600-195 Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal

+351 914 639 631